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About Dr. Becky Fitness:

Dieting…It’s complicated.

What if there were just four things to do each day that would wipe out 80% of your diet’s problems. And, what if those four things were as easy to follow as 0,1,2,3.

As a college instructor of the Science of Nutrition, Dr. Becky Gillaspy knows that complicated diet plans lead to frustration and failure. Her four daily habits instantly correct the glaring problems in your diet, so you can lose weight without turning your life upside-down.

As a former overweight sugar addict, Dr. Becky shares practical tips and videos to help you learn how to choose the right foods to cut cravings and gain energy, so you can lose weight even if you’re living in a weight loss resistant body due to blood sugar problems, menopause, or PCOS.

Your first step

If you’re ready to start losing weight, then I suggest that you watch my Free Video Series. You’ll learn 4 Daily Habits that when followed, give your body no choice but to lose weight.

These simple habits will get sugar and refined foods out of your diet and get healthy foods in.

You can get instant access to the videos by clicking here. By doing so, you will also get notified via email when new articles are posted.

Simplify Weight Loss

I want to help you trade in your old, tired “Junk Foods” (i.e. Processed and Refined Foods) for new and tempting ways to eat “Super Foods” (i.e. Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Whole Grains, Nuts).food-vegetables-meal-kitchen

The first step is to stop making weight loss into more than what it is.

It’s just a goal to reach, and achieving goals is something you are already good at. You have reached thousands of goals in your lifetime.

Most of them you don’t even think of as achieved goals because they are so easy for you now.

  • You learned how to read.
  • You learned how to drive a car.
  • You learned how to type.

These things are easy today because you took the time to master the basics.

Losing weight is no different.

Yet, the multimillion dollar diet industry wants you to believe that losing weight is very complicated, and only they have the secrets that make it easy.

The reality is that, like a Rubik’s Cube, the concept is simple, but figuring out how to get it done is not so easy.

Separate Yourself From The Crowd

When it comes to losing weight and getting fit, I want you to think outside the box. It’s time to take a different approach.

Why would you want to take a different approach than that of the crowd?

Because here is what the crowd is accomplishing:

  • 35.7% are obese
  • 68.8% are overweight
  • 25.8 million American citizens have diabetes
  • 21.7% of Americans used three or more prescription drugs in a recorded month

The crowd is not doing so good.

It is possible to live in this modern world of convenience foods and stay healthy and fit. And, you don’t need to become some type of health nut, just choose better.

If you didn’t do so already, watch the 4 Daily Habits Free Video Series. You’ll want to have this easy to follow plan in your back pocket.

Dr Becky 0123 Strategy

With some effort and attention on your part you will learn how to rise above this problem of being overweight.

Keeping weight off, like driving your car, will always require vigilance, but once you “get it” the whole process will require very little energy.

About Dr. Becky

I graduated in 1991 with a doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College.

Through the years I have had the honor of working as an on-air health consultant for the local ABC TV affiliate. I also authored the book, Lose Weight without Losing Your Love Affair with Food.

I keep on top of current research through my work as an associate faculty professor at Ashford University and the University of Phoenix where I teach the Science of Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

I recommend you get started by watching my Free Video Series for a great way to ease into a healthy diet.

My Best,

Dr. Becky




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