7 Avocado Substitutes to Keep Your Low-Carb Diet on Track

I consider avocados one of my top five favorite low-carb, high-fat foods.
They are packed with healthy fat, fiber, and micronutrients.
Even though avocados have so many benefits, they are not for everyone.
If you are a person that cannot stand them, then you need to find substitutions that contain similar amounts of healthy fats without the carbs.
In this post, I will share seven foods that have similar nutrient profiles to an avocado to help you keep your low-carb diet on track!

How to Make Weight Loss After Menopause Easier

As a 51-year-old woman, I understand that menopause changes things… a lot of things.

While it does not prevent fat loss, it does require a new and unique strategy to keep the weight off.

In this post, I discuss how fat storage changes as we move into menopause and how to work around those changes to make weight loss easier.

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Alzheimer’s is Now Called Type 3 Diabetes – Is It Due to Aging or Diet

When you think of Alzheimer’s disease, what comes to mind?

It is probably an older person experiencing a progressive loss of memory and difficulty recognizing common objects or even faces of loved ones.

For many years we have believed that Alzheimer’s is a consequence of aging with a genetic propensity toward getting it.

In other words, there was nothing you could do to avoid it.

However, there are new understandings about how the foods we eat impact the brain.

These understandings have many linking the disease to our diet.

In fact, Alzheimer’s Disease is now being referred to as Type 3 Diabetes.

In this post, I will discuss how Alzheimer’s is linked to a pre-diabetic state called insulin resistance, and why this might be good news in the long run.
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How to Burn Body Fat as Fuel & Lose Weight Faster

Sugar is one of the main sources of fuel for your body. For this reason, you may think this means you have to continually consume sugar to stay energized throughout the day.

However, if your goal is to lose weight, that is not a good idea.

You actually want your body to prefer burning body fat, not sugar.

In this post I explain how to make a simple shift in your food choices to help your body prefer to burn body fat rather than sugar.

The answer may surprise you!

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Artificial Sweeteners Increase Insulin Resistance – Making It Hard to Lose Weight

There are many non-caloric sweeteners that you can use to replace sugar in your diet.

They are in everything from diet sodas and sugar-free treats to coffee or tea.

However, if you are relying on them to lose weight, you might be inadvertently hampering your progress.

In this post, I share the overwhelming evidence against artificial sweeteners.

Follow along to learn how artificial sweeteners increase insulin resistance and turn you into a good fat-storer and a poor fat-burner.

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