What is a Ketogenic Diet & Should I Be On One?

What is a ketogenic diet? Plainly stated, it is a high-fat and very-low-carb diet that causes your body to generate ketones, hence the name – a ketogenic diet.

Ketones are byproducts of fat burning, so if your body is producing ketones, you are burning fat.

That sounds great, and it is! A ketogenic diet is a great way for even the most weight loss resistant person to lose weight, but is it right for you?

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What is Lactose Intolerance & Do I Have to Give Up All Dairy?

If you’re reading this, then you have a few questions about dairy foods and how you feel after eating them.

You may have heard of this thing called lactose intolerance, but wonder…

a.) What is Lactose intolerance?

b.) Do I have to give up all dairy?

Well, read on and I will give you the Cliff Notes on what lactose intolerance is and share some good news…not all dairy is created equal!

I’ll show you how to pick cheese and other dairy foods that are naturally low in lactose as well as practical ways to enjoy a wider variety of dairy foods, so you can get the benefits without the discomfort.

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Understanding Cholesterol and Low Carb Diet

You’ve been told that improving your diet will improve your cholesterol profile, but what do you do if your cholesterol profile doesn’t improve or gets worse after changing your diet?

This is the experience that some people have when they follow a low-carb diet.

In this article and video, I explain what is going on and how you can tell if you are doing your body more harm or good by cutting carbs.

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