Lose Weight Fast Tricks – 8 Ways To Bump Up Weight Loss Monday-Friday

Lose Weight Fast Tricks

Lose Weight Fast Tricks – 8 Ways To Bump Up Weight Loss Monday-Friday

Monday through Friday is the traditional workweek.

You’ve been conditioned to be more disciplined during those days.

Take advantage of this ingrained mindset and bump up weight loss during the week with these lose weight fast tricks…

8 Tricks to Lose Weight Fast During The Workweek

1. Do a Daily Fast.

Give your digestive system time to rest every weekday by fasting from dinner to breakfast (when you “break” your “fast”).

Digestion is all about breaking down food and storing it. When you fast, your body has a chance to clear out storage in places like your fat cells. The trick is to eat enough at dinner. Load up your dinner plate with non-starchy vegetables to give your body the volume and nutrients it needs to keep cravings away.

2. Eliminate Pasta and Potatoes.

These starchy foods contain a lot of energy in the form of calories. If you’re a marathon runner, your body will thrive on these calories. But, if you’d rather watch a marathon on TV than participation, you don’t need this much energy.

3. Sip Warm Lemon Water.

Lemon water wakes up and purifies your digestive system making it a great detoxing drink for weight loss.

Squeeze half a lemon into a mug of warm water, and drink it first thing in the morning and before meals. To bump up your weight loss, you can stir in 1 teaspoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

4. Eliminate Alcohol During the Week.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but alcohol contains empty calories that stall weight loss. To get the scale to drop, abstain Monday through Friday. Save the brews for an occasional weekend treat.

5. Add 15 Minutes of Movement Each Day.

Take 15 minutes to walk, do yoga or work through a tai chi routine. The extra movement is not about burning more calories as much as it’s about body awareness. These exercises make you think about your body differently. This new perspective encourages healthier food choices.

There’s no need to buy a workout plan. Go to YouTube.com and do a search for a “15-minute yoga routine” or “15-minute tai chi routine”. There are plenty of videos to pick from to help lose weight fast.

Here’s the direct link to my YouTube channel. While you’re searching for an exercise video, why not check out one of my many videos on weight loss. Click the Subscribe button on my channel page to get a notice when I post new ones.

6. Snack on Protein.

Too many animal products can damage your health. But if you need a boost to your weight loss, swap your high carb snack for a protein snack. It’s a great way to break a weight loss plateau. A few times a week replace your carb snack with eggs, bacon, beef, chicken or fish.

7. Avoid Sugary Drinks.

Regular soda, coffee drinks, and other sugar-filled beverages spike insulin levels. Insulin is like the doorman to your fat cells. When it’s present, your fat cells open wide and sugar rushes in. That sugar is converted to fat and takes up residency. Down a sugary drink with a fatty meal and you double your fat storage. Instead, stick with water, black coffee or tea with lemon during the week.

8. Veggie Only Dinner.

If you really need to speed up your weight loss, make one of your weeknight meals veggie only. This very low-calorie meal is packed with volume and nutrients (including protein).

Don’t be stingy on your portion size, you need to eat a lot of veggies to make this work. A large amount of food keeps your digestive system busy and keeps hunger away.

You can have a salad (all veggies and no or low-calorie dressing), cooked broccoli and cauliflower with “cheesy sauce“, and a bowl of tomato soup. You’ll wake up the next morning feeling thinner.

Yay! Weight Loss!

Each of these “lose weight fast tricks” will bump up weight loss. Try one, or make it a fantastic weight loss week by doing all eight!

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