Menopause Hot Flash Relief – I Tested Cool Towels…This Is Why I Love Them!

Menopause Hot Flash Relief – I Tested Cool Towels…This Is Why I Love Them!

If hot flashes are disrupting your days and nights, I have something that can provide an instant cool down.

It’s discrete, reusable, and easy to take with you anywhere you go!

Cool Menopausal Hot Flashes With Cool Towels [Video]

I am a big proponent of eating healthy, especially now that I’ve crossed that threshold into my 50s.

This afternoon I had my usual lunchtime salad, it’s filled with nutrients from walnuts, slices of avocado, sunflower seeds, and lots of leafy greens.

Hot Flash Relief - Salad

Everyone of these types of foods are touted as anti-aging foods because the healthy fats and micronutrients nourish our skin and hair.

In other words, they help our bodies repair on a cellular level.

Yet, no matter how many nutrients I fill my body with, I realize that we cannot completely outrun mother nature…

What Causes Hot Flashes?

One of the most telling signs if you are a woman around the age of 50 is the onset of menopause.

With Menopause comes hot flashes.

The cause of hot flashes still has researchers scratching their heads.

Personally, I think that I’ve been spared some of the severity of hot flashes due to changing my diet over the years, but I am certainly no stranger to them.

Hot Flash Relief - Snowy Road


I’ve had moments where I am driving down the road, in the dead of winter, with the window rolled down, and been woken up as that instant boiling sensation took over my body.

For those times, this product is a Godsend. It’s called Cool Towels.

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Hot Flash Relief On The Go!

Which is pretty cool, because that means you can stick this little packet in your purse or desk drawer.

When a hot flash comes on, you simply open the packet, shake the towel to activate the cooling properties, and apply for Instant cooling relief!

The ingredients are natural ingredients, so there are no chemical mixtures that I don’t want coming in contact with my skin.

Hot Flash Relief - Cool Towels

You can apply Cool Towels any way you want,

I found that when I wrap it around the back of my neck, it was the quickest relief.

Another common method is to rub it over your skin like a wash cloth.

If you’re at your desk at work, or in a place where you want to be more discreet, you can place it under your clothing.

Cool Towels makes you feel as if you have regained some control over your hormones!

An added bonus is that it doesn’t leave anything behind. Your skin isn’t wet or oily

Then…even better…it’s reusable.

Hot Flash Relief - purse

So, you fold it back into the packaging, zip it shut, and put it back in your purse.

Then, a few hours later when you need it again, just open the packet. It is as cool as the first time!

How Long Do Cool Towels Last?

Now they do eventually wear out.

I talked to the Cool Towel company specifically about this. They said you can refresh them with a spritz of water to extend the life of your towel.

However, I will tell you that I’ve had my current package opened for about a month.

I’ve pulled it out about a dozen times, never refreshed it, yet it is still cool.

How Do I order My Cool Towel?Hot Flash Relief - Handy Size

Check out the link below. It will take you to my personal page, where you can order the towels.

I like the Handy size, which come in the orange packet. They fit easily in your purse or a desk drawer.

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Use Promo Code for a free shipping offer on orders over $35: DrBeckyBlog

NOW, are these only for menopausal hot flash relief? No!

In fact, Cool Towels are already being used by athletes and men and women that have hot, physically demanding jobs.

Hot Flash Relief - Runner

To make everyone happy, they come in different sizes.

If you’re athletic, (i.e. you like to walk, play tennis, or golf outside), then there are larger towels available.

The larger towels also make great gifts for the athlete in your life.

Cool Towels Are The Solution To Menopausal Hot Flash Relief!

Cool Towels! I love the ingenuity.

It’s definitely worth a try to get your hot flashes under control.

Thank you for reading!

Get Cool Towels Here

Use Promo Code for a free shipping offer on orders over $35: DrBeckyBlog

Note that I am an affiliate of Cool Towels, so I do get a small commission if you make a purchase

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