High Protein Plant Foods – What You Can Learn From A Gorilla


High Protein Plant Foods – What You Can Learn From A Gorilla


They’re big. They’re strong. They eat plants. Hmmm?

Here’s what you can learn about eating high protein plant foods from a gorilla.

Gorillas don’t eat meat.

So where do they get the protein their bodies need to grow so big and strong?

Well, they basically eat a lot of salad…all day long (with a few termites added in for flavor).

According to a research group that followed gorillas around Uganda, the average great ape’s protein intake (mostly from eating leaves) is around 17%…

That’s the same amount the American Heart Association recommends that you get.

Plant Foods High In Protein

Most people underestimate how much protein they get from plant-based foods.

In fact…

Calorie for calorie, there’s more protein in broccoli than steak.

Not a fan of broccoli or tree leaves? No worries.

There are plenty of other plant-based super foods that will fill your body with protein:

-Lentils (18g protein/cup)

-Beans (15g protein in 1 cup, cooked)

-Peas (8g protein in 1 cup)

-Nuts & Seeds (7-9g protein in a ¼ cup)

-Quinoa (7-9g in a ½ cup, cooked)

-Spinach (5g in 1 cup, cooked)

If you’re goal is to lose weight, and you want to save some calories, eat more plant-based super foods, and fewer fatty meat and dairy products.

Here’s a plan you can follow:

The 0,1,2,3 Diet Plan




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