Are You Finding Motivation To Eat Better Hard To Come By? Here Are Some Ideas

Are You Finding Motivation To Eat Better Hard To Come By? Here Are Some Ideas

Finding MotivationMotivation is one of those tricky things.

You know you need it, but you don’t know where to find it.

You might think that you need to go out and find motivation somewhere.

But in reality, the elements that make up motivation are found inside of each of us, right now.


Here Are Some Ideas For ‘Finding’ Your Motivation


1. Know exactly what you are after

When you chase after a vague goal, such as:

“I want to eat better to feel better.”

You are killing your motivation.

You can instantly boost the motivation you feel by getting specific.

What is it that you want, exactly?

“I want to eat 35 grams of fiber each day so my blood test next month shows no sign of pre-diabetes.

Doesn’t that just feel like something you want to go for?


2. Focus on the outcome, not the tasks

If you focus on the day-to-day chores you must complete, then you will get a sense of overwhelm.

You can turn that overwhelm into motivation in an instant by shifting your focus to all the positive things that will come from your improved habits.

For example:

Think about how nice it will be to have extra room in your jeans.

Think about how great it will feel to get introduced to someone new, knowing you are fit.


3. Commit to doing one thing really well.

When you try to change everything about your diet and exercise at once you can again feel overwhelmed.

To move away from that horrible feeling become the master of one aspect of healthy eating (or weight loss) and ramp up your success.

The 7 Day Junk Foods to Super Foods Challenge is designed to help you improve one thing (i.e. your eating habits) and shows you how to ramp up to change (i.e. you start by adding healthy foods, before you remove anything from your typical diet)


What do you think?

Is it hard to find motivation to eat better in this crazy, hectic world? Leave a comment below, if you would like to share a thought.

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