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Blog : Healthy Eating

Vegetable Detox: 15 of the Best Vegetables to Detox Your Body

Vegetable Detox: 15 of the Best Vegetables to Detox Your Body

[Guest Post by Joana from]

Have you ever considered how much toxic food we put into our bodies, day in and day out?

If you think about it very carefully, you’d be surprised—and probably scared out of your wits. That’s because we actually take in so much toxic stuff you wonder how you’re able to get through it all.

The fact is that you don’t go through that daily ordeal unscathed. It takes a toll on your body. It stresses your digestive tract and overworks your immune system.

That’s why the idea of a vegetable detox makes so much sense. We take breaks from work, with short rest periods during the workday and an entire day or two to relax during the weekend.

That’s also what we need to do with our bodies. We need time to let our system get rid of the toxins, just as we get rid of the stress and tension during vacations. Vegetables are cleansing foods that can help our body’s detox.

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Why You Should Eat More Berries – From Disease Protection to Weight Loss

Why You Should Eat More Berries – From Disease Protection to Weight Loss

[Guest Post By Miodrag Kablinovic]

Imagine a food that helps you to lose weight, prevent disease, boost your overall health and tastes terrific.

It must be extremely expensive or magic, right? No!

You don’t have to visit your doctor or buy supplements. Just go to your grocery store and buy a bunch of different berries.

Berries are special because they contain a high amount of phytochemicals.

These nutrients have numerous health benefits, ranging from antioxidants to hormone balancing and providing your body with dietary fiber, which helps you to lose weight.

So grab a handful of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and any other berries you can find. Here are more convincing reasons to add berries to your daily diet:

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Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Fats and Unhealthy Fats

Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Fats and Unhealthy Fats

I wish I had some catchy mnemonic or easy trick that I could share with you to clearly explain how to tell a healthy fat from an unhealthy fat, but the reality is that fats are complicated.

We have to throw out all of the over-simplified facts that we’ve been taught about fats. For instance, we can no longer say the following.

  • Saturated fats are bad for you. Nope. In fact, coconut oil is a saturated fat that has many health benefits. Even butter is getting good press nowadays thanks to the popularity of products like Bulletproof Coffee.
  • All saturated fats are solid at room temperature. Not all of them. MCT oil is a saturated fat but stays in liquid form even when it’s refrigerated.
  • Polyunsaturated fats are best. The truth is polyunsaturated fats comprise some of the worst fats (i.e. vegetable oils) and best fats (i.e. omega-3 fatty acids).

The more we learn about the importance of dietary fats for hormone balance and weight loss, the savvier we must become with our diets and the more educated we have to become as consumers.

This beginner’s guide to healthy fats and unhealthy fats is a good place to start.

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Can I Use Stevia and Artificial Sweeteners on My Diet?

Can I Use Stevia and Artificial Sweeteners on My Diet?

It’s the most often asked question I receive: Can I use Stevia on my diet?

I bet you’re wondering something similar…

  • Is Stevia okay for people with a sweet tooth?
  • Do artificial sweeteners sabotage my weight-loss effort?
  • Can I use Stevia if I’m diabetic?
  • If artificial sweeteners are okay, do you recommend any particular brand?

There are many artificial sweeteners on the market all promising to replace the diet-destroying sugar with zero-calorie sweetness.

Could it be true?

Could those little blue, pink, and yellow packets sweeten our coffee, without doing us harm?

I lay it all out for you in this post by sharing both the good and the bad of artificial sweeteners.

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Eating Clean to Lose Weight: 10 Well-Kept Secrets to a Slim Body

Eating Clean to Lose Weight: 10 Well-Kept Secrets to a Slim Body

Whether you are looking to lose those last five pounds or you’re starting a long-term weight loss program, eating clean is the way to go.

There is no downside when it comes to eating clean to lose weight, yet there are many perks, like…

  • Flawless skin
  • Strong bones
  • All-day energy
  • Healthy heart
  • All-over weight loss (even stubborn belly fat and thigh fat melts away with clean eating)

But, there is a lot of confusion about what clean eating means, especially when it comes to weight loss.

You wonder…

What do I snack on?

How do I eat clean at a restaurant?

What makes a clean food “clean”?

No worries!

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what to eat, how to identify clean foods, and how to pull it all together to create the slim and healthy body that feels good to live in.


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No-Pasta Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Sauce

No-Pasta Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Sauce

Let’s face it, spaghetti squash might not cut it as a substitute for a full plate of pasta noodles, but it can be delicious!

Spaghetti Squash with Tomato SauceAnd…

I guarantee that you will feel better after eating this light and healthy spaghetti squash recipe than you would after a heavy plate of regular spaghetti.

If your goal is to eat clean to lose weight, then this No-Pasta Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Sauce recipe is a must try.

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